Progression Lesson (Private / 2 hours)

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Board Starts, Upwind Riding, Transitions!

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Our Progression lesson is designed for those wanting to pack in a one day kiteboarding progression course at a discounted rate. The lesson is a great way to learn new skills in a safe and effective way, our instructors are professionally trained, with years of experience, and love what they do

Kiteboarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world, and Prince Edward Island is home to world class locations!

Make this summer THE ONE and give it a try! 


What You'll Learn Over The 2 Hour Lesson

In the first part of this course, our instructors will go over the areas you are struggling to progress in. For example, if you were struggling with getting up and riding on the board consistently. Is your power-dive starting/ending in the right area, what is your body position, and are you pointing the board downwind?. The instructor will properly demonstrate each technique and have you replicate their form and body position until you are confident and ready to put it into action on the water!

In the second part of the course, you and our instructor head into the water to practice and master whichever skills you had chosen. Depending on the skills your instructor may suggest using a 2-way radio communication headset. Great for long distances, and practicing upwind riding. Prior to the lessons finish the instructor will go over each skill set and give you an action plan of how to progress further on your own! 

Where does the lesson take place?

Our lessons are taught primarily at "Kite Point" in Malpeque Bay, just north west of Kensington. This location is World Class for kiteboarding, with steady side-shore winds, and shallow (waist deep) flat water for up to 2 km.

For directions to our school via Google Maps click this link, we also email you a set of direction after your booking is complete. 

To find more information about Kite Point checkout the Top 5 kiteboarding location on PEI article featuring Kite Point as #1


What Should You Bring?

  • Sun Protection, sun screen and ball cap 
  • Water to stay hydrated, 
  • Cheap sunglasses, with a strap if possible
  • Neoprene Shirt, gym shirt, something to protect from the wind.
  • Water shoes or booties, we do offer these for rental $5.00

    Every Lesson Includes

    • Kiteboarding Gear - Kites, Bar and Lines, Board
    • Safety Gear - Helmet, Life Jacket/Impact Vest, Harness
    • Certificate Of Completion - For designated riding level


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      What Our Previous Students Have Had To Say! PEI Kiteboarding, Kiteboarding Lesson, Prince Edward Island   What Our Previous Students Have Had To Say! PEI Kiteboarding, Kiteboarding Lesson, Prince Edward IslandWhat Our Previous Students Have Had To Say! PEI Kiteboarding, Kiteboarding Lesson, Prince Edward IslandPEI Kiteboarding, Kiteboarding Lesson, Prince Edward Island

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