Independent Kiter Lesson (Private / 10 hours)

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Experience Kiteboarding with a Weekend of Water Sports!

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Our Kiteboarding Independant Kiter lesson is designed for those wanting to pack in a mult-day experience of lessons at a discounted rate. The Independent Kiter Lesson is a great way to learn kiteboarding in a safe and effective way over the course of two days, our instructors are professionally trained, with years of experience, and love what they do

What You'll Learn over 3/4 days & 10 Hours of Instruction

On the first day of this course, you will learn how to steer a kite, how to combine steering with sheeting, how to perform the body movements for the water start, and proper equipment setup. This part of the course is completed on dry land. Next, you will learn how to perform power strokes to get just enough kite power, water re-launching techniques, body dragging, how to put on the kiteboard, and your first exciting starts on the board. This part of the course is completed in the water. 

On the second day of this course, you will take all of your skills from day one and begin to put them together creating consistent water starts, and riding in both directions for longer lengths of distance. Also, the ability to stay upwind and perform small transitions is taught on the second day. This part of the course is completed in the water. 

Every Lesson Includes

  • Student Safety Gear (Helmet, Harness, Booties, Wetsuit (if spring/fall), PFD)
  • Kiteboarding Equipment For the Lesson (Kite, Bar, Board, all sizes)
  • 2 Way Radio Communication (Always in communication with instructor)

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